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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

This procedure is carried out to lift the facial skin and the layer above the muscles to give the face a smoother and younger appearance. As we age the layer above our facial muscles slacken and loose elasticity giving and aged appearance. The effect of gravity, exposure to the sun and stress also show on our face, so as folds and lines deepen, drooping occurs at the sides of the mouth. Skin on the neck also becomes looser, the jaw line becomes saggy, and the first sign of skin ageing is fine wrinkles around the outer eye area and lips. However the rate at which this occurs differs from person to person. A facelift helps in you looking younger and as a result feeling younger.

A facelift is normally performed under general anaesthetic. A 1 night stay is required in hospital with postoperative recuperation time needed. The face feels stiff to begin with after the operation and will appear puffy, but after approximately 2-3 weeks social activities and work may begin again. There is scarring left after a facelift but these can often be disguised under the hair and to follow the creases when possible. Supplementary treatment to enhance the outcome of a facelift may benefit some patients. Further information can be obtained at the time of consultation



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